Treasure foundation started way back in 2013. By that time we were supporting unemployed single mothers to have an income through micro credit services. We made a community support group and supported mothers to start small business as vendors (we realised little money would change their lives. We would give UGX 3000/= (less that 1 dollar) to each woman who was frying fish so that they buy fish to sell in the evening. After work, the world bring back the money with a 0.5% interest. Within four months. We saw that the impact was huge then I sold a piece of land i had to get some capital to register and also to borrow more people.

Following the long dry spell that hit greater Masaka in 2014 and 2015, we saw a need of supporting communities to have seed to plant so that they help themselves out of hunger and poverty. This let to the beginning of Treasure Seed. But most of farmers needed more knowledge on how to grow nutritious food without using chemicals this made us start a center and demonstrate the growing of nutritious foods in a nature friendly way. This center finally became Treasure Seed center and it is where our offices are located.

In order to have a name that embraces all that we do we felt it worth to use one Umbrella Name Treasure Foundation.

Our Mission

To Empower communities to sacredly conserve their resources for a better income health and environmental restoration.

Our Vision

Enabling communities to live healthier and wealthier lives

Our Aims

  1. To reach out to 120 schools with nature friendly farming practices so that children live a hunger free life. This will enable them to concentrate on receiving their education until they complete primary level.
  2. To set up guest rooms so that those who come to learn about nature friendly farming practices can reside at our center.
  3. To set up a seed bank to preserve indigenous seeds.
  4. To set up a permaculture demonstration center where people can learn permaculture practices and nature friendly farming systems.
  5. To construct a training hall because we cannot conduct any training when it is raining.