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Best Essay Writing Services

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Are you a volunteer, researcher, donor or a person with a loving heart who enjoys the idea of saving our local seeds? Do you enjoy working with groups in our community?Treasure needs YOU to reach out to communities, save nature, and empower people […]

Soil Feeding

We demonstrate organic soil fertility retention practices which help small holder farmers and urban dwellers to increase their crop productivity. These include compost manure, liquid manure, and vermin fertilizer. The photo below shows compost manure making at Treasure Seed Center.

Three Sister Garden

In this garden, we have maize, pumpkins and banana. Pumpkins are nutritious cover crops that mulch bananas and maize and maintain soil fertility. Pumpkins can be harvested and kept for 8 months enabling the family to have nutritious food throughout […]

Food Hedge

The hedges are designed with a line of drought resistant yams to demonstrate strategies of fighting hunger. We put them along the road to demonstrate maximum space utilization. Those who pass at the center copy and some replicate this hedge […]

Community Out Reach

Our outreach program targets the youth elderly and rural women giving them practical business and Agro ecological skills to boost their crop productivity, income and livelihood. In our training, we ensure that people have enough health foods so that they […]