Center Trainings

At our center – (Treasure Seed Center), we provide self help trainings among the youth, school children and teachers plus rural women (mostly single mothers) and slum dwellers; so that they access nutritious food plus an income to sustain themselves. This is done through different programmes like, creating sustainable food forests, making soap, candles and skin ointments plus entrepreneurship and business management skills. This helps our beneficiaries to live a self sustaining lifestyle.

Amplifying community Food Forests

We create food forests to demonstrate to communities the importance of planting colours of rain bow foods. These food forests are designed with a variety of foods to ensure food sovereignty. This also help in retaining soil fertility, fight hunger, ensure nutritional security and demonstrate maximum space utilization.

Soil Feeding

We demonstrate organic soil fertility retention practices which help our beneficiaries to maintain soil health and increase their crop productivity. The photo below shows compost manure making at Treasure Seed Center.